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For overseas residents


The FUKUYAMA MASAHARU OFFICIAL WORLD FANCLUB allows anyone living outside of Japan to enjoy fanclub member contents. Check below for more details of each contents!


Membership No.



Live Ticket Pre-order

Allows entry for the "fastest" access to pre-order tickets (lottery)!


Original Designed Tickets for BROS. Members Only

Tickets purchased through BROS.+ have a unique design! Your membership number and name will be printed on the ticket.

*Depending on the concert/live, pre-order tickets may not be available.



The BROS. Membership Magazine, issued four times a year, offers a variety of images of Fukuyama Masaharu. Every issue includes a massive 60 pages!
This Membership Magazine can be viewed anytime, anywhere through the members-only website!

The membership magazine has been in publication since the fan club BROS. was established in 1991. Beginning with a "Doumo Fukuyama Desu" which is a page written by Fukuyama Masaharu for BROS. members, you'll get to see Fukuyama Masaharu in all his various forms, including concert reports, behind-the-scenes looks at drama, movie, TV commercial and music clip recordings, and original project features that can't be seen anywhere but here.
※All pages are written in Japanese only

今号の表紙は、昨年末に開催された『福山☆冬の大感謝祭 其の十九』のライブショット。映画『マチネの終わりに』の中で福山さん自身が演奏したメインテーマ楽曲「幸福の硬貨」を、ステージ上で生披露した際のカット。クラシックギター1本だけで、それまでの熱狂とは対極にある、静かなる興奮の世界を作り上げた福山さん。その緊張感が伝わってくる表紙になっています。


巻頭の特集は、もちろん『福山☆冬の大感謝祭 其の十九』。ライブを実際に観たあなたも、観られなかったあなたも、きっと想像力を掻き立てられる、強烈な印象を残す写真をたっぷり掲載しています。ライブレポートのほか、読み物としては、7公演の中から選りすぐったトークを集めた「MCセレクション」を掲載。そして「SCENES FROM BACKYARD」と題して、楽屋でマッサージを受ける福山さんの様子や食事メニューを紹介しています。



19回目となる連載「F’s RARE GUITARS」は、「決して扱いやすくはないけれど、唯一無二の魅力」を持ったグレッチのギターを2本紹介。福山さんが「魔性のギター」と表現するグレッチの「ハマったら抜けられない」理由が語られます。



BROS. Members Exclusive Live Shows (Lottery)

Fanclub Members Exclusive Events Held in the Past

  • 1996年

    BROS. PARTY '96

    BROS. PARTY '96
  • 2012年

    BROS. Presents
    俺とおまえのStadium Live リクエスト

    BROS. Presents 福山☆夏の大感謝祭 俺とおまえのStadium Liveリクエスト
  • 2016年

    WE'RE BROS. 大祭


*Members Exclusive events are held on an irregular basis.

Digital Contents


Gahaku Uranai


Artist Fukuyama will tell you your fortune of the day using his previous artworks.


Real time off-the-record shots of
studio recordings, rehearsals, meetings, etc. for BROS. members only!


A special message from Fukuyama Masaharu only for BROS. members like you.


Delivers various videos,
including behind-the-scenes of shootings and production process of merchandise and more!


What happened "at that time"?
Exclusive reports on what's really happening with Fukuyama Masaharu!

New Year Greetings


Start off the year with a greeting from Fukuyama Masaharu!
First laugh of the New Year now comes in movie format!

Birthday Greetings


Fukuyama Masaharu celebrates your birthday with a special message through movies.

Merchandise Exclusive to BROS. members

And many more attractive membership benefits!

Membership Fee

Fee ¥ 4,500 (tax in)
Administrative Fee ¥250


When joining

  • One person (under the same name) can sign up for a single membership. Multiple memberships are prohibited.
  • No refunds will be made for duplicate applications (payments).
  • Please note that BROS. members cannot also join BROS.+ (refunds and cancellations are not possible in case of accidental sign-ups).
  • A personal computer email address is required for registration.
  • Membership numbers and membership rights cannot be granted or transferred to another person (including family members).
  • In principle, there will be no cancellation, refund, or repayment of membership fee once payment has been settled.
  • The member name registered when signing up cannot be changed. Members should register using the name as written in their passport.
  • There may be live concerts and members-only events where only the member themselves may be eligible to take part. In such cases, members may be asked to identify themselves with photo ID (passport) when entering.
  • Resale of concert and event tickets is prohibited. If discovered, the member will not be able to receive tickets in the future.
  • Copying of BROS.+ members-only website content and resale of member benefits are strictly prohibited. If discovered, membership will be cancelled immediately.

How to join

  • Payment can only be made by credit card only.
  • After completing the payment procedure, a membership number will be sent to the registered email address within 24 hours.
  • Registration must include a valid e-mail address. BROS.+ will not be able to refund the membership fee even if membership benefits cannot be received due to the registration of an invalid email address.
  • Please note that if a free email address is used for registration, emails from BROS.+ may be automatically handled as spam.
  • If the membership number notification email does not arrive within 24 hours after the payment procedure is completed, please check the FAQ, and then contact us via the inquiry form.

Payment Method

Credit card

  • Payment will appear on credit card statements under "BROS.PLUS".
  • Acceptable credit cards are Visa, Mastercard, Diners, American Express, JCB and Discover.
  • Payment is by "single payment in full" only. We cannot accept instalment payments or revolving payments.


  • The BROS.+ members-only website is written in Japanese only. Please use your preferred automatic translation tool to translate and enjoy the site.
  • The statement sent from your credit card company after the payment procedure is completed is your only proof of payment. Be sure to store it safely.
  • Please note that depending on the timing of the period between the completion of payment and the issuance of your membership number, some content announced during that period may not be available, such as the pre-ordering of fan club concert tickets or program viewing.
  • When you pre-order fan club tickets, the deadline for the ticket user to join (make a payment) is always stated.
  • In principle, the above member benefits are valid only for registered members in person.
  • Membership registration, membership terms and conditions, specified commercial transactions, privacy policy, etc. are all operated based on the standards of Japanese language and Japanese law.

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