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Before sending an inquiry, please check whether or not what you would like to ask about is included in this FAQ.

  • The latest information about the artist's schedule and activities is regularly posted on the BROS.NEWS page of the BROS.+ official site, so please check there for this information. Requests for such information that has not been posted will not be replied to.
  • We always work hard to reply to inquiries, but sometimes it takes a while. Please keep this in mind.
  • We may not be able to reply to inquiries about certain topics.
  • We cannot provide replies to inquiries intended as private mail to the artist.
  • We value the opinions and requests that fans share with BROS+ and may use them as a reference when deciding on how to operate the fan club. However, please be aware that this is not a promise that we will send individual replies or use all opinions and requests received from members.

About the fan club

What are the benefits of becoming a member?

The benefits of being a BROS.+ member are as follows:


▼ Access to the BROS.+ exclusive members website

This includes BROS.NEWS, articles, videos*1, mail service, message form, and web teledome (updated irregularly)

The same contents available through the regular BROS. fanclub (provided in Japanese)

▼Digital group magazine (all pages in Japanese)

▼Sales of original goods available exclusively to members

▼Notifications on live events and early ticket sales (using a lottery system)*2

▼Invitations to exclusive members only events (using a lottery system) *events are held on an irregular basis


*1 Some of these contents may not be viewable depending on the country from which the website is being accessed.

*2 Availability of early ticket sales may vary depending on the individual performance.

*Depending on the country from which you are trying to access the exclusive BROS.+ exclusive member website, access may not be possible. Please be aware of this in advance. Even in such cases, we are unable to process membership fee refunds. For details, please see the “how to join” page.

When are live events and exclusive member events held?

Live events and exclusive member events are held on an irregular basis.

Information on events is posted on the BROS.+ official site after they are scheduled. Please check the BROS.+ official site for details.

* Availability of early ticket sales may vary depending on the individual performance. Early ticket sales may not be available for all concerts through BROS.+. Please be aware of this in advance.

About membership

How do I become a member?
Please check the information on the “how to join” page and complete the process listed there to become a member.
Can I become a member/browse the website through a cell phone, smart phone, or computer?

The BROS.+ website is optimized for display on computers.

The website can also be used through a smartphone, but we cannot guarantee all features of the website will function perfectly.

Also, the website is not compatible with regular cell phones.

The BROS.+ exclusive members website can be used from any computer as long as you enter your membership number and password.


*Please be careful with your membership number and password.

What if I do not have a computer email address?

We’re sorry for the inconvenience, but please obtain an email address from a free email provider and use that to register as a member.


*Please make sure your computer email address is able to receive mail from “@amuse.co.jp” when registering as a member.

I accidentally registered as a new member with the wrong information.

Please send us an email through the form on the “inquiries” page.

When making the inquiry, please include the following information in the message body:

”About changing or correcting the information used to register”

1. Membership number

2. Your name as it appears on your passport

3. The item you would like to change

*We ask that you please do your best to avoid making mistakes while entering your information.
How many times can one individual become a member?
Membership is limited to one per person (one membership per name). Please refrain from registering more than once.
Can members of the same family join BROS.+ (under a different name at the same address)?

Yes. We do not ask for your address at the time of registration.

However, we ask that each of our members use a different email address to register.
I live in Japan. Can I become a BROS.+ member?

BROS.+ is a fanclub for people living outside Japan.

As a general rule, we do not offer membership to individuals living in Japan.

If you live in Japan, please consider joining the FUKUYAMA MASAHARU OFFICIAL FANCLUB “BROS.”

Payment information

How can I pay when becoming a new member?
We accept only credit card payments.
What credit cards can I use to pay?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, Diners, American Express, JCB, and Discover.
Is it possible to pay on an installment plan?
Sorry, membership payments must be processed in a lump sum.
When must I pay my credit card bill?
Settlement dates differs depending on the credit card company. Please inquire with your credit card company for details.
How will the charge appear on by credit card statement?
The charge will be listed from “BROS.PLUS” on your credit card bill/statement.
I do not currently have a credit card. Can I use someone else’s card?

Cards under another person’s name can be used to pay membership fees (such as a card belonging to a family member).

However, please make sure to get permission from the cardholder before using it.

When will my membership number be issued?

After the charge has been processed, your membership number will appear on screen. Please make sure to save it.

Your membership number will also be sent to the email address you used to register within 24 hours. Please confirm your membership number again after receiving this email.

Several weeks have passed since I completed the payment process, but I still have not received an email notifying me that my registration has been completed.

If more than 24 hours pass since you have paid and you still have not received a “registration complete” email, please send an inquiry using the form on the “inquiries” page.

When making the inquiry, please include the following information in the message body:

1. Membership number

2. Your name as it appears on your passport

3. The email address you used to register

How long will it take for my payment to be processed?

Payments are processed immediately.


*Order of membership numbers may change slightly depending on applications.
What do the membership numbers look like?
Membership numbers begin with the letter “B” followed by 7 numerical digits.
I have completed the payment process, but I would now like to cancel payment.
As a general rule, we do not offer membership fee cancellations or refunds after payment has been completed.
I accidentally paid twice.
We’re very sorry, but we cannot offer refunds even for double payments.

About membership cards

Does BROS.+ issue membership cards?
BROS.+ does not issue membership cards.

About mailed items

Does BROS.+ send anything by mail?
BROS.+ does not send anything by mail.

About membership periods

How long is my membership valid for?

Memberships are valid for a period of one year beginning the month they are approved.


*According to Japan standard time.

How do I renew my membership?

Your membership is made valid for another year when you pay the yearly fee by the final day of the last month of your membership. Please check to see how long your membership is valid for on the member information page.

Memberships can be renewed by visiting the “renew membership” section from “my page” on the fan club exclusive member site. This can be done beginning 3 months before your current membership period is set to expire.

My membership expired. Can I still renew it?
If your membership expires, it cannot be renewed no matter what the reason. Please re-register. You will be issued a new membership number.

About information used to register at BROS.+

Can I register using a name other than my own (such as a nickname)?

We ask that you please make sure to register using your own name as it is listed on your passport.

As a general rule, the benefits of being a member of BROS.+ are limited to registered members only.

Members may need proof of identify to attend member exclusive events.

At such times, members may be asked to show proof of identity (photo ID such a passport). If proof of identity cannot be presented, there is a chance admittance will be refused. Please be aware of this in advance.

About the world fanclub exclusive members website

What language is the BROS.+ exclusive members website written in?
The website is in Japanese. Please use the automatic translation feature to change the language into the language of your choosing.
I forgot my membership number.
Please check the “membership number notification” email that was sent to your email after you completed the payment process.
I forgot my password.

The official Fukuyama Masaharu homepage has a “click here if you forgot your password” section under the login form. Please complete this process to be issued a new password.

*Please be careful with your password.
Do you recommend a specific browser for the website?
We recommend using the latest version of any given browser.
Are there any special settings I must use on my computer to enjoy the membership benefits of BROS.+?

If the browser you use to access the website does not have cookies or JavaScript enabled, you may not be able to access some parts of the site.


*BROS.+ cannot provide support related to how to deal with detailed computer settings or other computer related issues.

Are my membership number and password protected by SSL communication during login?
The entire BROS.+ website — including the member login process — is protected by SSL.

About fan club live event early ticket sales

Does membership in BROS.+ guarantee I will be able to purchase tickets to live events?
The early access ticket process provided through the fan club offers tickets before they are made available to the general public. If more requests are received than ticket available, applicants will be put into a lottery and winners of the lottery will be selected at random. There is a chance you will not be a winner and we do not offer a guarantee that we will be able to provide tickets for you. Also, we may not be able to provide early access tickets for incredibly big public performance events (in contrast to regular tour and individual live event dates). Please be aware of this in advance.
How do I apply for early access tickets through the fan club?
Information on how to apply and pay for early access tickets from BROS.+ will be sent to members and published on the official website when available. Please check these sources for details.
How can I purchase tickets available for sale to the general public?
For information on general ticket sales, please check the performance information on the official website, various play guide home pages, or information magazines.

Latest information about the artist

Please give me the latest information about the artist.

Please check the “news” section of the official website.

Available information is subject to change at any time. Please be aware of this in advance.

If you are a BROS.+ member, please check the “BROS.NEWS” section of the fan club exclusive site.

About published images

Can I use the images published on the BROS.+ official exclusive member website for my own personal homepage or printed materials?

All images published on the BROS.+ official exclusive member website are managed Amuse Co., Ltd. Saving, reproduction, or retransmission of these images on Twitter, Facebook, weibo, or personal websites is strictly prohibited.

Any member found to be violating this rule in bad faith may have their BROS.+ membership revoked without prior notice. Please be careful to follow this rule.

About Birthday Emails

I didn't receive a birthday email on my birthday.

Birthday emails are sent to the email address registered with the fan club.

If you haven't received an email even the day after your birthday, please check for the following possible reasons.

Also, if you haven't received the email, you can view the same content as the email on [BROS. + Members-Only Page] (the content is only available for a week from your birthday).

*The birthday email service starts on April 1st, 2015. For those whose birthdays are before that date, please note that the birthday email will be sent next year (2016).

*Your email address should be registered by midnight of your birthday in order to receive the email.


1) The email is automatically sorted or ignored as "junk email".

For those who registered an online email address, please check all your inboxes, including your junk mail box again.


2) The email address you registered may be wrong.

Please confirm your email address registration information on [MyPage].


3) Your date of birth registered with the fan club is incorrect.

Please confirm your date of birth on [MyPage].

*Since we will fix any incorrect information regarding your date of birth, please contact BROS.+ to address such problems.


When contacting us for corrections, please select "about not receiving birthday email" under "inquiry title", and include all of the information below in [inquiry content].


(1) membership number

(2) currently registered date of birth and correct date of birth

(3) main registered email address

Miscellaneous questions

I would like to send a fan letter or present.

We accept fan letters and presents by postal mail. Please send them to the address listed below.


Fan letter/present address:



*Please refrain from sending organic goods (such as food or plants) or certificates (such as gift cards or tickets).

When does BROS.+ send out emails?

The BROS.+ email magazine is sent out between 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. Japan Standard Time.

Please be aware that this may correspond to a time late at night in your country.