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OFFICIAL WORLD FANCLUB BROS.+ Membership Registration

An e-mail address is required for OFFICIAL WORLD FANCLUB BROS.+ membership registration.

Send blank e-mail
Please scroll down to send a blank e-mail.
After sending the e-mail, please proceed with membership registration using the reply e-mail from “「@fm.amob.jp」”.
If you have enabled domain filtering, please be sure to add “@fm.amob.jp” to your list of acceptable domains in advance.
Please make sure that you have not enabled domain filtering, blocking of URL-containing e-mails, or blocking of spoofed e-mails.
E-mails from us may end up in your junk folder.

If the e-mail software will not launch, please copy the recipient address from this text box and paste it into the recipient field of the e-mail software you use.
Please write “mail” if you need to enter something in the body of the e-mail when sending.